Legacy Street LLC is a full-service production company that works in all aspects of film, television, web and media production, as well as providing consulting, mentoring, and screenwriting classes and services.

We write and produce our own original content and work closely together with our creative partners and clients to develop stories and produce media with passion, innovation, and excellence.

Our short and feature films have won production and talent related awards, and our original concept-to-completion works have had theater showings, secured domestic and international distribution, and have been carried by Blockbuster, Netflix, and other retailers worldwide.

Legacy Street specializes in working with independent artists and filmmakers to create visual content for reels, festivals and competitions, and indie short and and feature film productions as a low cost solution to high quality and excellence.

Legacy Street services include:

  • Screenwriting classes and mentorship programs.
  • Screenplay coverage services.
  • Screenplay writing and ghostwriting services.
  • Consulting (we’ll advise you how to go from concept to completion of your project, on time and under budget).
  • Providing production personnel; from production assistants and cinematographers, to editors, directors and producers.
  • Building an entire production team to take your project from concept to completion.

The Legacy Street team has got you covered!

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Trevor L. Smith has been writing, directing, producing, consulting, and educating and inspiring people in the arts for over 20 years. His original written and visual works, including short and feature length films, have been shown in theaters, secured domestic and international distribution, and have been film festival nominees and award winners for technical and performance excellence.

Trevor L. Smith is an author, produced screenwriter, award-winning filmmaker, and one of the foremost motivational screenwriting and creative life coaches, who teaches students and mentors aspiring screenwriters internationally and provides screenplay coverage and ghostwriting services. Trevor’s latest book, The EEEEasy Approach to Great Storytelling and Screenwriting, a book based on his personal screenwriting process and philosophy, which focuses on the fundamental elements of Experience, Express, Extract, and Embody, is set to be released in early to mid October 2021.

Trevor lives by personal mission statement and brand, LMTL “Live More Talk Less.” He is a motivational speaker, life coach, keynote speaker, and is the former owner/operator of a martial arts school where he trained international champions in forms, sparring, and weapons. Trevor is married to his way-out-of-his-league beautiful and amazing wife of twenty-three years, Kristi, and they have six kids and two grand kids.

To book Trevor for writing services, for your film project, or to secure him as a speaker for your seminar, film festival, school, youth group, or business, please contact us using the form below.

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