About Legacy Street


Legacy Street is a full-service production company that works in all aspects of film and television production; from screenwriting and production, to post-production and marketing. We write and produce our own original content and work closely together with our creative partners and clients to develop stories and produce media with excellence, regardless of budget.

Our short and feature films have won production and talent related awards, and our original concept-to-completion works have had theater showings, secured domestic and international distribution, and have been carried by Blockbuster, Netflix, and other retailers.

Legacy Street manages union and non-union film and television artists, as well as writers, directors, vocalists and bands. Just as the foundation of any great production or artistic masterpiece is story, the foundation of Legacy Street’s talent management division comes from building long term relationships with our talent and those seeking to work with them. We provide guidance in pursuit of ambitious goals and develop partnerships that promote trust, inspires growth, and cultivates success

The various divisions within Legacy Street working towards common goals, uniquely positions our company as a whole to help aid in the success of the talent we manage. If you are looking for a talent manager or interested in securing our talent for your project, please contact us by email at info@thelegacystreet.com.


Imagine what can be accomplished when content creators from all over the world bring their individual talents and artistry together into one place for the purpose of accomplishing a common goal… Well, we have.

The Legacy Street Fair is a collective (of sorts) within the Legacy Street family where writers, performers, producers and filmmakers gather in an environment specifically designed to create an atmosphere of partnership that facilitates the joining together and producing of dynamic, high-quality and cutting edge independent film and television projects at a pace and in ways that are ambitious and innovative.

Whether you are well-funded or have only sweat equity to bring to the collective table, the perfect partners can be found, relationships forged, and projects produced through our Legacy Street Fair, where the collaborative possibilities are endless.


Similar to our Fair, our Legacy Street Free Market is a place specifically designed for content creators to gather and collaborate, knowing in advance there is no budget and no upfront pay. Those involved in this creative group are those who choose to bring their time, talent, experience, knowledge, gear, etc., nothing but sweat equity, in hopes of building a team to produce quality project that mutually benefits those involved with its creation.


Legacy Street Academy is the training division of our company. And as time and resources are available, we offer free training classes in various creative arts and disciplines such as screenwriting, no and low-budget film-making, acting, music, and even fitness and martial arts training.

Legacy Street Academy classes are offered free of charge to help fulfill our vision of utilizing the power of creativity to make a positive impact in people’s lives, so together we can make a positive impact in the world.

All of our classes are taught by instructors and guest instructors who are professionals and industry experts in their given fields.


Trevor L. Smith is an author and novelist, screenwriter, producer and award-winning filmmaker who proudly declares himself to be a lifelong storyteller and student of the craft. He has been writing and producing, consulting, educating and inspiring people in the arts for over 20 years. His original written and visual works, including short and feature length films, have been shown in theaters, secured domestic and international distribution, and have been film festival nominees and award winners for technical and performance excellence. Trevor graduated from New Life Bible College in Marysville, CA in 1997, and he lives by his faith and personal mission statement and brand, LMTL “Live More Talk Less.” Trevor is married to his beautiful wife of twenty-three years and genuinely nicest person on the planet, Kristi, and they have six kids and two grand kids.