The legacy Street mentorship program was created to teach aspiring new screenwriters how to tell a great story, and to give them the knowledge, guidance and inspiration needed to write a professional, industry-standard screenplay, to tell their great stories.

For those wanting one-on-one instruction and coaching to learn how to write a screenplay, working on their own material, and being personally taught by produced screenwriter and award-winning filmmaker, Trevor L. Smith… This mentorship program is for you.

Meetings between Trevor and those being mentored will be held via Zoom, weekly or bi-weekly at coordinated scheduled times, and Trevor will be accessible by email during the week throughout your program.

Each week during the program, those being mentored will send Trevor their story/script progress and he will review your work. Prior to the next Zoom session, Trevor will send back notes on your story/script and will structure the next session based on where you’re at, to ensure he can help you get to where you want to go.

Students from all over the world are invited to participate in this immersive program; with the goal being for aspiring screenwriters to learn and establish a solid foundation in the art and craft of screenwriting, and to start and finish the first draft of their screenplay before the program concludes.

Our Legacy Street mentorship program is perfect for those wanting to learn all the necessary fundamentals of screenwriting, who are READY to write and complete their short film, proof of concept, pilot, or feature film script.

Personal instruction within the mentorship program is customized to your learning style, and the principles taught are communicated in ways that are simple, practical, and easy to understand and remember. So, you can use what you’ve learned and confidently apply your skills to future projects as you continue to hone your skills.

“Your stories and scripts shouldn’t just move those that read them, but move decisions makers into action to see your project produced.”

Trevor L. Smith

“I like your writing and your love of writing, the actual mechanics and “doing” of it, is very valuable. Your willingness to collaborate and adapt someone else’s idea or massage your own into a shape that someone is looking for is a much sought after commodity.”

To Trevor L. Smith from Charles Shaugnessy, Emmy-Winning Actor

Ready to get started? Let’s Go!


  1. Contact Trevor using the form below or by social social media, and let him know of your interest.
  2. Trevor will reach out to you and schedule a Zoom assessment meeting to talk about your project and writing goals, your experience level, potential session schedule, etc., and this assessment session will help to determine whether you and Trevor will be a good fit for one another.
  3. Once you decide to move forward, you can make your payment for the mentorship program using the links below.
  4. Trevor will then send you confirmation of your payment, and provide you with a link to your first Zoom session.

If you have any questions about our mentorship program, or our coverage, script doctor, ghost writing, or consulting services, please reach out to us using the contact form below.