Our next Unstoppable Screenwriter Zoom class starts on Tuesday April 6, 2021!

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The Unstoppable Screenwriter is an incredible 6-week live, interactive, fun, and engaging online group screenwriting course, which will teach you everything you need to know to write a professional industry standard screenplay, to tell your great story. The course consists of six one-hour group sessions followed by a time of questions and answers, and also includes one-on-one Zoom sessions with your instructor, Trevor L. Smith, as his schedule permits. The six-week Unstoppable Screenwriter course is FREE, so there’s no reason why you can’t take a live screenwriting course to learn the necessary fundamentals of storytelling and screenwriting, and be encouraged and inspired to write and complete your screenplay. Donations are encouraged and appreciated, but not required, and can be given via our PayPal link, Cashapp (itrevorlsmith), Venmo (@itrevorlsmith), or Zelle (916-640-4082).

To better accommodate our international students, The next Unstoppable Screenwriter class starting on April 6, 2021 will have two different class sessions: Tuesdays at 11am PST or Tuesdays at 6pm PST!

“As much as I love doing, it pales in comparison to learning, teaching, and helping others to succeed. Investing in people is part of the legacy I want to live. What I create, is what I will leave… Live and Leave your Legacy.”

Trevor L. Smith, Founder of Legacy Street

“Taking the class Unstoppable Storytelling and Screenwriting with Trevor Smith gave me the confidence to start writing. Going into the class I had an idea of what I wanted my script to be about but I lacked the sense of direction and motivation to do it, mostly because I was worried it would be bad. While Trevor gave the class technical direction as far as the writing process, he also constantly gave us the push many writers, including myself, need. I learned that your voice makes the story stand out even if you feel your story has already been told – what hasn’t? Being a part of Trevor’s class you will find the perfect combination of learning the how-to’s of the craft and receiving the encouragement to employ it.”

Evelyn L.

Get signed up today! Class space is limited. For more information and to find out how to register click here.

“When I first started the “Unstoppable Screenwriter class, I knew nothing about script writing. I was winging everything and hoping for the best. Trevor taught us character development, structure and more in a easy and simple way, which was so incredible and easy to learn. During his class I was able to finish my first pilot for my series and I finished a proof of concept. Without this class I wouldn’t have been able to do so. Trevor is amazing and I most definitely recommend his class.”

Rodney H.

“Trevor Smith’s Unstoppable Screenwriter class was an awesome crash course through the basics of storytelling, outlining and formatting your screenplay to be the best it can be. Trevor’s engaging demeanor and simple way of explaining the screenwriting process was engaging, fun and executed in such a way as to allow any and all to “get it”. If you’re like me and tend to overthink things then Trevor’s simplistic approach will definitely benefit you. Highly recommend this class to any and all who are just beginning their screenwriting journey or need a refresher course. Thanks Trevor for an awesome 8 weeks. Onward and Upwards!”

Stephanie B.

“I have taken a few writing classes now, but by far Trevor L. Smith has been my favourite teacher. Trevor has a spark of magic to the way he teaches. It is clear that he has a deep passion for the craft and helping others. He teaches with such joy and passion that you can’t help but look forward to the next class. He delivers the information in a clear manner and is happy to answer any questions his students throw at him. He has renewed my love of writing.”

Diana L.

Our next Screenwriting classes starts on April 6, 2021!

For more information on the class and to find out how to register click here.

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