Screenwriting Services

All screenwriting services are provided by Trevor L. Smith.


Chances are you’ll only get one chance to get your screenplay looked at and hopefully read by a Hollywood reader, agent or manager, or production company in hopes of securing representation or taking the next step towards production… There’s no, “wait, I fixed this part,” can you take another look.

What is script coverage?

To get a script as polished as it can possibly be, screenwriters use a coverage service, where they have professional readers and screenwriters read their screenplay and draft a report detailing the strengths and potential weaknesses of their screenplay.

Trevor STANDARD script coverage will give you an honest and constructive analysis your screenplay with the goal of helping you to make your script the best it can possibly be, so that you can reach your goals. Trevor’s script coverages focuses on the following areas:

  • Premise
  • Plots
  • Setting
  • Story Structure
  • Formatting
  • Grammar
  • Characters
  • Dialogue
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • General Marketability / Screenplay in relation to your specific goals

Trevor’s COMPREHENSIVE script coverage takes a more hands on and involved approach to coverage, and includes everything from his Standard coverage, but also provides page-by-page notes, corrections, and thoughts and suggestions to help you elevate your story and script.

Screenplay coverage up to 15 pages: Standard starting at $29 / Comprehensive starting at $39

Screenplay coverage up to 35 pages: Standard starting at $39 / Comprehensive starting at $59

Screenplay coverage up to 65 pages: Standard starting at $49 / Comprehensive starting at $79

Screenplay coverage up to 120 pages: Standard starting at $59 / Comprehensive starting at $99

Contact Trevor using the form below to inquire about scheduling your script for coverage. There is a 5-day turnaround for coverage services, with rush orders available within 24-48 hours depending on availability.


Would you like to learn the art of great storytelling and screenwriting, being mentored one-on-one by Trevor L. Smith while working on starting and finishing your very own script in 6 or 8 weeks?

Short film and 30 minute television mentorship program: 6 weeks for $499

60 minute television and feature film script mentorship program: 8 weeks for $699


Do you have an idea for a short film, television show or feature film, and you would like Trevor L. Smith to write the script for you? Contact us for a quote for writing and ghostwriting services.

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