Screenwriting Services

All Screenwriting services are performed by Trevor L. Smith himself and includes at least one follow-up Zoom session with him, to help you implement the results of his analysis and succeed at what you are trying to accomplish with your story.

    Standard Script Coverage: $65 for features (90-120 pages), $50 for hour pilots, and $40 for short films or pilots less than 30scripts and for 1-hours, $109 for half-hours.

    We’ve instructed our analysts to provide expanded feedback and suggestions where appropriate, so rest assured you’re getting exceptional value for your money. Our readers always go the extra mile, and our standard coverage reports are often more in-depth than other companies’ expanded script coverage.

    For any services not listed here, such as analysis of shorts, outlines/treatments, manuscripts, plays, etc., please contact us.

    Here’s a handy chart comparing all of our prices and services.

    Coverage Ink Fees Chart Feb 2021
    Our standard coverage report consists of a logline, detailed synopsis, 4-6 pages of in-depth analysis of your script addressing all the strengths and weaknesses of the screenplay, followed by a bar graph rating the major elements of the screenplay from Excellent to Not So Good, and finally our summary of PASS, CONSIDER or RECOMMEND for both script and writer. Click here to view Samples We’ve instructed our analysts to provide expanded feedback and suggestions where appropriate, so rest assured you’re getting exceptional value for your money. Please note there will be an additional per page fee of $1.50 for every page over 120 (we’re sorry but we do not accept scripts longer than 130 pages).
    Here’s an even better deal: have your script covered by two separate analysts. With two sets of coverage, you can compare and contrast the notes and easily come up with a game plan to improve your script. If the analysts agree, that’s a pretty sure bet that other people will feel the same way. If they contrast, then you can utilize whatever feedback you feel best helps your screenplay.
    With CI Pro Analysis, you will get the same style analysis as our CI Standard Analysis–just a lot more of it. The typical CI Pro Analysis will run approximately 15-20 pages of single-spaced constructive notes brimming with ideas. We think you’ll find our CI Pro Analysis on par (or better) than any analysis you’ll get from any other professional screenplay analyst–at a much more affordable price. Our CI Pro Analysis also includes script mark-up and editing.
    Jim Cirile will indeed personally read your script if you request that option (pending availability.) Jim’s fee is for in-depth coverage, which INCLUDES free mark-up/script editing. Read more about Jim and see some samples of his coverage. Please e-mail us in advance through our contact form to check on Jim’s availability.
    Television coverage fees are $109 for a 1/2 hr show and $119 for a 1-hr show.
    When you select editing/mark-up with your script submission, we will send back your marked-up screenplay with typos and other errors flagged, as a PDF. Check out actual samples in our script mark-up & editing services page. Most other coverage services do not even offer this service. This add-on should give you a clearer idea of how to identify clunky writing, scenes that run long, grammatical and structural issues, and much more. With a marked-up script in your hand, the rewriting process will go a whole lot easier. This is a great way to see exactly what’s going on in the reader’s mind as s/he’s reading the script, as his/her thought process will be reflected in the margin notes. So if you start to lose the reader, you’ll know exactly where and why – invaluable. We’ll also catch pesky typos, formatting problems, grammatical mistakes, and most importantly, cross out scenes that run long and even suggest alternative dialogue or scene restructuring as needed-all right there on your script. (Please note that standalone editing/mark-up service (without coverage) is Feature screenplay up to 120 pages – $119, 1-hr TV pilot up to 70 pages $109, and 1/2-hr TV pilot up to 40 pages $99.)
    Normal coverage turn-around time is 10 days from date of receipt. If you wish your coverage back sooner, we offer Rush service. Rush fee is $59 additional, and we generally can turn around a rush in 2 business days after day of receipt. Please e-mail us in advance through our contact form to confirm reader availability before sending a rush. Please note that our Rush service may not be available during Get Repped Now.
    You can also split the difference between our standard and rush delivery times with our 5-day Semi-Rush service for an additional $25. Please note that rushes are not available during Get Repped Now.

    Script Coverage: $60 / $80 / $100

    Script Doctor / Rewrites:

    Ghost writing services:

    8-week one-on-one mentorship with Trevor L. Smith: $300

    12-week on-on-one mentorship with Trevor L. Smith: $500